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About Bayside Removals
About Bayside Removals

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K Farmer I just want to say thank you and that your guys were very polite and very professional
K Lacis To the Lads who helped rescue my Dad, Adolfs Lacis, a massive thankyou . I was in Canada at the time and was pretty shocked in seeing the floods and then the story on Dad. Lucky to still have a Dad. Best wishes to you all and with the clean up Sincerely. See the article from The Australian here. "..If someone is in strife, you go to them.."
The South West News Strangers formed human chains to move furniture and prized possessions with the common goal of saving what they can from the rising water.

Even local business chipped in with local removal company, Bayside removals, offering residents free use of a large truck and several professional removalists.

Removal worker, Colin Saunders, said he wanted to help people move their belongings to safety and the free service was all part of the community spirit.

“Well put it in storage for them and when they come back we’ll bring it back for them free of charge,” he said. See the full article here
Certificate of Appreciation Click here to see the Certificate of appreciation awarded to Bayside Removals for our support of Classroom Calendars.
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